If You Ever Cross Paths With This Spider, Run As Fast As You Can

Almost every household and couple has the dedicated ‘spider-getter’ and I’ve always happily stepped up to the plate where that’s concerned. I was taught by my dad that “they’re more scared of you than you are of them” and up ’til this point, I’ve been confident in that promise. Well, I’ll be ringing my dad later tonight to have a stern word and expose his fabrication after seeing this horrific-looking spider which definitely doesn’t give a shit about my presence.

This week Redditor ‘Twist3dsoul22′ posted these pictures after discovering he had an infestation of deadly funnel-web spiders in his backyard. If that were me, I’d be putting that house straight on the market. As a true Australian would, he decided not to call the professionals in and decided to attempt to get rid of these spiders himself. You’re a braver person than I am, Twist3dsoul22 and I tip my hat to you in respect.

Yes – he removed these with his bare hands and a shovel. There’s also some extra ‘hardnut’ points there for that giant centipede.



Australian funnel-web spiders have some of the largest fangs in the spider kingdom and, as you can imagine, their bites hurt rather a lot. Worse still, if left untreated, the venom from their bite can kill a human in just a matter of hours. Fortunately, anti-venom is available for these bites but you better hope there’s no traffic on the way to the hospital.


Unlike other spiders, funnel-web spiders burrow under rocks or old tree branches; anywhere that’s cool and moist so they’ll likely turn up if you’re doing a clean out which would be enough to put me off cleaning for life.


As the name suggests, Australian funnel web spiders are only found in Australia so the rest of us are going to be just fine. Sorry Australia.



One big bucket full of ‘nope’.


Credits: Viralthread

 Very common in Australia definitely do not wanna get bitten by one. Anyway welcome to Australia and always check your shoes . . .