Little Girl Whose Entire Family Burned to Death Just Wants One Thing for Christmas

Two years ago, Safyre Terry of New York lost her father, sister, and two brothers to a fire started by an arsonist.

She was the only survivor, living because her father made a human shield out of himself to cover her:

Screenshot_2Even with her father’s heroic efforts, Safyre still suffered severe burns to over 75% of her body:


She is now in the care of her paternal aunt, Liz Dolder, who explained to BuzzFeed:

“Safyre has had multiply operations, over 50. She had lost her right hand, three months after the fire and lost her left foot in March.”

“She continues to have problem with her mouth due to the scar tissue tightening up. Her next operation on January 5th.”

Her story is devastating, but something positive has come out of this.

Safyre’s community has banded together, doing everything in its power to give her as normal a life as possible:


Now there’s something that you can do to help her, too.Screenshot_5

This year, Safyre’s aunt got her a Christmas tree that holds cards, so whenever she receives any she can hang them up:


Upon receiving the tree, she was overcome with excitement, Dolder explained:

“I can’t wait to fill it up,” said Safyre.

Dolder said her response was:

“Honey, that’s probably not gonna happen. We maybe get 10 cards a year, and the card tree holds 100.”Screenshot_7

Realizing how important this was to Safyre, Dolder started a Facebook campaign to get supporters to send in as many cards as possible.

Since then, numerous people have responded, promising they will be mailing cards immediately:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.07.26 PM

Image Credit: Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.07.39 PM

Image Credit: Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.07.57 PM

Image Credit: Facebook

From the looks of it, Safyre couldn’t be more ecstatic:

Credits: Liftbump


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