Local Cops Have Dire Warning. If You Spot This Candy In Your Child’s Bag, Toss It Out Asap

In Ohio, parents need to be the lookout tonight because the police just issued a serious warning. Why? Because a nightmare candy has been spotted appearing in young children and teens’ trick-or-treat bags – and it can be potentially deadly.

According to a report on WKYC, police in Wakeman, Ohio are frantic. They’ve released a warning to parents that there has already been numerous reports of a suspicious Halloween candy spotted in the area. But other Ohio neighborhoods might be threatened too.

Police are particularly worried about one candy – Lemonheads. Numerous claims indicate that packages of these common candies have been found open – indicating that child predators might have tampered with the sweet stuff inside…

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Tampered candy can be deadly – or in the least, cause serious health concerns. Parents need to be especially aware in Ohio because police have been notified that Lemonheads might be compromised.

On their Facebook page, the Wakeman police issued the frantic post that they needed to get in front of as many Ohio residents as possible before little children go out trick-or-treating tonight.

Here’s what the police department shared with thousands of followers:


It was brought [to] our attention by a couple people that some candy passed out in town today is very suspicious.If you and your children have Lemonheads from trick or treating today please double check them. There are multiple instances of the packages being openedslightly and the candy itself looking distorted. Please check all candy before letting anyone eat it!

At the time of this publication, the police’s warning has been shared nearly 1,000 times among Ohio residents and has gained national attention. More and more people are reacting every minute now. And they have shared their thoughts in the comments.

Even if you do NOT live in Ohio, you need to carefully check your Lemonheads candy for potential tampering.

Ohio residents are terrified that their children could be exposed to poisons or other chemicals in these potentially dangerous Halloween candies…

One user wrote, “You never know if it’s tampered with if it’s opened, that said, lemon heads melt and distort anyways, but better safe then sorry.”

Another added, “My children got some like this yesterday. It’s most likely a manufacturing defect but I threw them out to err on the side of caution.”

Dozens of worried Ohio parents have shared their fears on Facebook, including:

“If you buy a bag at rural king they are all the defect ones or have messed up wrappers. Probably not someone being malicious but it is better to be cautious.”

“My children got some like this yesterday. It’s most likely a manufacturing defect but I threw them out to err on the side of caution.”

“Anyone giving out a lame candy like Lemonheads should expect their houses to get TP-d anyway.”

“my girls got some too that looked funny so we threw it out. thanks for sharing!”

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Do you respect the Ohio police for issuing this warning? Or have they overreacted?

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