Man Secretly Documents His Wife Taking Him To IKEA Again, And His Photos Go Viral

Ever found yourself in IKEA without the slightest idea why you’re there? That’s the dark magic of IKEA. It subtly draws you in with its invisible Scandi-tentacles, and it doesn’t let you go until you’ve bought at least one thing that you have absolutely no use for.

The guy behind this funny story certainly knows this feeling, as he recently found himself at the famous flat-pack furniture store with his wife without the vaguest notion as to why. So in order to try and make some sense out of his seemingly inexplicable journey, he decided to document his trip and post it on the internet. Did he make it out alive? And more importantly, did he make it out without buying anything? Read his hilarious photo diary to find out.

“We are here. Our apartment is furnished. I am not sure why we are returning”

“We appear to be here, in part, for lunch”

“I have dropped fruity purple sauce on my pants. As is tradition. It will likely stain. On Facebook, my aunt advises pouring boiling water over the spot. She further advises removing the pants before doing so”

“Receiving no instruction on where to place my food mobility unit, I have left it here. I hope it will not cause inconvenience”

“Perhaps we are here for institutional storage solutions. My wife says, ‘Maybe when we have eight kids.’ We have zero kids. We move on”

“We are looking at candles. We have many candles. We bought our current candles at IKEA. These are slightly different”