A Man Tattooed His Dog’s Face Five Times, And People Are Furious

Any form of animal abuse is unacceptable. This is one issue that most people in the world simply agree on.

A disgusting image has surfaced on the internet showing what appears to be a white bull terrier with its face covered in tattoos. This is no doubt a form of animal abuse, mainly because the animal cannot possibly provide consent. You have to see this picture for yourself and the man that people are saying did this to his own dog.

This picture of a white bull terrier with a tattoo-covered face is enraging the internet world.

If you look closely, you can see that his ears, eyes, and his snout were tattooed.

Daily Mail

Obviously, people are not happy about this act of animal abuse at all.

The image was first discovered by a lawyer in Brazil, Fernanda Soares, who reported them.


Emerson Damasceno, a tattoo artist from Poços de Caldas, Brazil, is said to be responsible for posting pictures of his dog on Facebook.

In a bizarre message, Damasceno claims that he only tattooed his dog because he thought it would prevent his dog from getting cancer. Not surprisingly, he has since removed the image from his Facebook account.

This is the bull terrier before he had the tattoos put on. Poor little guy!

The Daily Mail claims that several veterinarian experts have expressed grave concern over the image, saying that there would be no known benefits related to tattooing your animals. If anything, it may be dangerous for them. I think it’s safe to say that no one should be tattooing their animals — it’s incredibly painful!SHARE this article with your Facebook friends. Everyone should know about this.

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Daily Mail
Credits: Daily Mail, Auntyacid

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