Mom Is Following School Bus When She Sees An Officer With A Student — She Sends Her Pic to the News

A mom waiting by her daughter’s school bus caught a moment that is sure to brighten your day.

In a photo posted to Facebook by KRDO News, Christina explains that she had taken the picture that morning at her daughter’s elementary school. The boy in the photo had missed his bus that morning, and the police officer had picked him up and given him a ride.

Christine captured the exact moment that the officer stopped to tie the boy’s shoes before sending him into class.

“I had to capture this moment, especially with all the negativity with police officers going around,” she wrote. “How amazing is this to see? I didn’t get this officers name, but I felt I needed to share so the world can see that not all police officers are bad.”

Credits: Liftbump

People commenting on the post later identified the officer as Officer Klinge of the Fountain, Colorado Police Department. Officer Klinge was recently named Officer of the Year, which isn’t surprising, given the kindness and sense of community he displayed in this candid picture.