Mom Shares 17 Clever Laundry Shortcuts – Everyone Needs To Know The Chalk And Foil Trick

Put Together A “Stain Kit”

Clothing stains are a fact of life, and they must be cleaned! Give these stains the “special treatment” by creating a customized stain kit – just for them! Line the bottom of a small plastic bin with a laundry cheat sheet that has instructions on how to clean any type of stain. Then fill the bin with stain-fighting essentials like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a spray bottle filled with vinegar, a Tide pen, chalk, and a couple of different brushes.

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Try The Ice Cube Trick

There’s no need to get stuck wearing wrinkled clothes to work. Toss it into the dryer with a couple of ice cubes. The moisture will freshen up your clothes in just 10 minutes. Just don’t use that as an excuse for being late to work!

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No More Noise

Drying tennis shoes tends to make a lot of noise. To keep them from banging around, trap the shoe laces outside the door. This way, your shoes will stay in one place while they dry. You could also put the shoes in a mesh bag and trap it in the door the same way. It won’t make anything whisper silent, but at least you’ll have a little bit of peace with your “kind of” quiet.

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Keep Some Chalk Handy!

Chalk is mother nature’s solution to getting rid of grease stains and gently coaxing it out of the fibers. It’s even better than a Tide pen! Wait a couple of hours before brushing the chalk off, then launder as usual.

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Un-Shrink A Shirt With 1 Ingredient

Most of us have experienced a shrunken t-shirt mishap. Head to the bathroom to magically reverse the process! Fill the sink with warm water, and add a squeeze of hair conditioner. Swirl it around in the water so that it disperses evenly. Soak your shirt for 15-20 minutes, wring the water out, and place it on a towel. Gently stretch the shirt out, and wait for it to dry. Oh, and try not to shrink it again!

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Shave It Off

If you pull a fresh load of laundry out of the dryer and notice some unwanted pilling, there’s a simple solution to that problem – razors! Just lightly run a clean razor over your clothes to shave off the tiny balls of fuzz.

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