Never Leave Your Bed Again With This Awesome Japanese Invention

As winter nights loom upon us, it starts to get a little chilly in our homes. We have to turn the heating up and even get our hats, scarves and gloves out in the house at times!

However, not every country has the problem we have. Expensive heating bills aren’t an issue for those living in Japan, as they have a super cool secret to keeping warm on those winter nights and frosty mornings.

You must see how the Japanese stay warm in the winter – it will leave you totally speechless!

It’s all thanks to something called a kotatsu.

The kotatsu consists of a blanket placed between a low table-frame and table-top, with a heat source placed underneath the blanket.

all images sourced from Bored Panda

You simply pop your legs under the blanket,  and someone wearing traditional Japanese clothing would have warm air come through the bottom of their robes and exit around the neck, heating the whole body.

Impressive right?

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