New Threat Targeting Families Could Put Your Life In Danger. What Police Say To Look For

Criminals will do anything t launch a horrible crime. On November 22nd, around 8:40pm, a man posed as a UPS delivery driver, and when the Houston home owner opened the door, three other criminals carrying guns, followed him inside the house. In an event that turned out to be a violent robbery, the start of the incident was captured on a security camera that was installed outside the entrance of the home.

The footage unveils the man who is dressed in a full UPS uniform, as he approaches the door with a package in hand. After he rings the door bell, it is evident that the resident opens the door because three other men appear from the other side of the house with guns, as they push their way into the home.

According to a police report, the man who opened the door was assaulted with a pistol and while a gun shot had gone off, there were no signs of anyone being struck. After the man was transported to the hospital, he was diagnosed as having severe head and neck injuries. There were also two women and children in the house while the incident took place, however; they acted fast and gathered the children and locked themselves in closets, where they were safe.

The criminals ended up stealing a few pieces of jewelry and some collectible firearms before they escaped the home and fled. The four men have still not been caught and police are urging home owners in the area to be aware of anyone who approaches their door.

And while police are still on the hunt for the criminals, they are also trying to figure out how the man gained access to the authentic UPS jacket. “We’re still trying to understand how the suspect gained access to that jacket. UPS is fully cooperating,” Houston Police Department Sgt. Tony Mora said. “Their full-time employees are the ones who are normally issued that jacket.”

UPS issued a statement admitting that they are aware of the situation and they are cooperating with the Houston Police Department. “We appreciate the public’s trust extended to our delivery personnel and hope the perpetrator is quickly apprehended and brought to justice,” said a spokesperson from UPS. They also went on to tell the public that if they are concerned about the validity of their UPS driver, then they should ask them for identification. Or, if they would like to be extra cautious, then they can ask for the package to be left at the door. Packages do not have to be signed for unless they specifically designated that the package be signed for upon delivery.

Also, UPS ensured that they have an online service known as UPS My Choice, where they can follow their packages and confirm delivery times. That way, if an unexpected package and driver arrives at their door, then something may not be right and they can act accordingly. Or customers can opt to pick up their packages at a local parcel store.

Credits: awm

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact the HPD Robbery Division at 713-308-0700.