Nokia Finally Relaunches Classic 3310 Model, Complete With a Month-Long Battery and Snake!

If there’s one meme that will always be timeless it’s the one about how the old Nokia phones are indestructible and ultimately made to last forever, simply because the old Nokia phones practically were indestructible. Anyone that owned one can attest to the sheer strength those cheap-feeling devices could display. Oh, you dropped your Nokia off a 30ft balcony? No worries at all brah, there’s just a little scratch on the plastic – the screen is still perfect though. Your kid decided to use it as a baseball? Not an issue, how’s the bat holding up?


There’s one thing that can be said about classic designs: they’re built to last. With today’s society just about everything is made with a shelf life to bolster future sales, which, from a marketing point of view is a stupendous idea, but for the consumers it’s pretty terrible. Fortunately there are still a few decent people out there who want to create things that last, and they’re still working with Nokia. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the company revealed a reboot to the classic 3310 model they phased out back in 2005, complete with a battery that can last a full month and an updated variant of the world-favorite mobile game – Snake.

Now, the device isn’t meant to be a replacement for your current smartphone by any means and doesn’t carry the cost tag for it either. At around $50 US, $70 AUS these are meant to be a revamp of the old style for emergency uses or as a “throwaway” device you can take to festivals or concerts. Basically, if you’re hoping for an Android or an iPhone in a Nokia shell you’ve got the wrong idea as these devices are still even relying on 2.5G connectivity. They may not be the best under the hood, but they’ll do the trick when you’re in a tight spot. Plus, I mean, at least you already know they’ll never break so…

Credits: ozzyman