Obama Is FURIOUS As His Daughter Is Filmed Smoking Weed At Crazy Music Festival.

Before this shocking video, a previous one had emerged of her “twerking” at the festival.

Her father has previously admitted smoking cannabis in his youth and he was part of a group of friends known as the “choom gang” in Hawaii. Did you know that?

Malia Obama is currently on a gap year before going to Harvard in the autumn of 2017.

At the Democratic Convention her mother Michelle Obama spoke movingly about her effort to give Malia and younger sister Sasha a normal life and keep them out of the media spotlight.

Sasha Obama, 15, has even undertaken a summer job in a fish restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard.

They do say girls just wanna have fun, and Malia Obama is no different….

Click below to see this shocking footage.

Credits: Daily Fresh Hits | Auntyacid

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