This Is Officially The CUTEST Dog In The World & Everyone’s Going Barking Mad

Could this be the cutest dog in the world? One little teacup pup is causing everyone to go barking mad on social media as they just can’t get over it’s cuteness!

It’s easy to see why too, when you see this little pup you will be cooing, wanting to get your hands on one of these tiny doggies.

Check out these totally adorable photos of the white puppy show the minuscule canine wearing a tiny baby pink ‘dog jumper, with gold embroidery on the back and a sparkly black bow tie with shiny gold spots.

Cuteness overload: This teacup pup has stormed social media recently, and looks adorable in a tiny pink jumper and black bow tie

Via DailyMail

The fluffy, furry friend is becoming a viral sensation on Facebook and Instagram and it’s easy to see why!

Puppy dog eyes: Although the breed of the cute dog is not known, it has been frequently described to be a mixed breed of Yorkie and Maltese

Although people on the Internet have not been able to confirm the whereabouts of the dog, or its adorable breed, people have been making many guesses.

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