She Opened Her Email After Her Husband’s Funeral… And Saw Something That Made Her Faint.

Email is one of the more important inventions in history. Never before has it been so simple to contact someone over thousands of miles, and all it takes to do so is a few simple keystrokes.

Email has also opened us up to all sorts of new problems, like online scams and the dreaded mailer daemon. But what one woman discovered in her inbox could prove there’s something far worse out there than Free Viagra ads…and it could happen to you!

A couple from Minneapolis wanted to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary by escaping the winter chill for sunny Florida. They were going to spend their trip in the same hotel where they stayed during their honeymoon.



Unfortunately, because of their busy schedules, they had to book separate flights. The husband’s flight was set to leave on Thursday, and his wife’s would leave the following day.


After he checked into his room, the husband decided to pull out his computer and send a quick email to his wife, who he knew would want to know he arrived safe and sound. Only, a single letter typo caused his email to go somewhere he did not intend. Rather than his wife receiving it…



…the email was sent to a widow in Houston, Texas, who had just gotten back to her house after her husband’s funeral. Her husband was a popular minister, and had passed from a heart attack.