Parents Are Petitioning After THIS Toy Was Seen On The Shelves Of Walmart…

When your child asks for a new toy, you expect it to be a plastic car, aeroplane, doll or action figure. So, parents were a little bit shocked when they saw Walmart’s latest toy on the shelves.

These little piggies have to get to market somehow. And what better way to get them there than with your very own slaughterhouse truck?

So, what is this toy exactly you ask? Are you ready for this? It’s a slaughterhouse truck. Not an ice cream truck, or a Barbie sports car, oh no.

Sure, it’s a toy. But the idea of selling animal slaughter as the stuff of child’s play isn’t sitting well with animal welfare groups.

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Now, many are calling on Walmart to stop selling the toy vehicle in an online petition….

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