Pentatonix Gives Real Meaning To Christmas – And Leaves Everyone In Tears

The a capella group called Pentatonix sings an amazing version of the popular Christmas song, “That’s Christmas To Me” – and the five members even include touching video clips from their childhood.

This song is a beautiful reminder to us all of the memories we have around family during this special time of the year.

The group has always maintained their allegiance to Christianity, while also singing about love and acceptance of others! Their beautiful music, especially in this version of “That’s Christmas To Me,” is a testament to their true talent and faith in Jesus Christ.

Pentatonix originally started as a three-member group, consisting of childhood friends – but as their popularity grew, so did their group! They added in two more members which propelled them into the limelight and spread their soulful combined a capella voice far and wide.

This beloved Christmas tune is just another example of how talented these young people really are!

Credits: Faithtap

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