Their Pup Is Acting Strange Around Window, Family Takes Closer Look And Eyes Go Wide

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense danger, and when boxer caught a glimpse of it, he reacts immediately. Being outdoors had this boxer’s senses full to the brim. With sights, smells and sounds galore, he was anxious to explore his surroundings, yet something caught his eye which sent an immediate red flag in his mind. It was a sight he had never seen before, and since it was new, he wasn’t sure what to do about it. His owner, only noticing at first the way he was acting, pulled out the camera to film his behavior.

The newness of what this dog was seeing was lured him in for a closer look, but as soon as he inched his way for a better inspection, he immediately jumped back with surprise. There was no easy way to go about it, making the boxer jump back and forth until he himself was in a tizzy. As soon as his owner realized what all of this commotion was about, she couldn’t stop giggling about it. What seemed dangerous to the boxer was arguably the most harmless thing on the planet. However, the boxer was pretty convinced otherwise.

The level of concern this dog had over a tiny feather is a hilarious reminder that when things in life seem to be intimidating, sometimes we need to face our fears and we’ll soon come to find that it wasn’t as scary as it seemed. This adorable dog overcame his fear in the best way, and you can see it all in the video below.

Credits: YouTube, Sharetap