Redneck Downs A Bottle Of Whiskey, Gets Pepper Sprayed And Tased In 30 Seconds

You’ve all heard of thirsty Thursday right? How about fucked up Friday? I’m pretty familiar with these two but whiskey Wednesdays is a new one for me. When I think of the latter my instant reaction is to mumble “yuck.” For me Wednesdays have replaced Mondays as the worst day of the week because they are usually boring as hell and steeped in crappy emails. However, this redneck has brought a whole new meaning to the day, he just had Wednesday like no other.

While the rest of us were sitting in meetings trying to work out if it were possible to sleep with our eyes open, this man was downing a bottle of whiskey, getting pepper sprayed and tasered. And he wasn’t even forced to, he did it voluntarily.

In the words of Dizzie Rascal, this guy is “bonkers.’

Credits: Catfish Cooley | Viralthread

Clearly the star of the show has no care for his own personal safety. He doesn’t seem to give two hoots about what he does to his body as long as he gets a laugh. Surely he must have woken up the next day with a pretty sore head, eyes and back.

Today’s modern world is pretty terrifying, especially with nutters like this in it who leave you with no choice but to stare at your screen in utter shock and bemusement.