If You See Someone With This 3 Dot Tattoo, Here’s What It REALLY Means

Prisons are places where many convicts like to show off the crimes they’ve committed or show off which particular gang they belong to. One way to do this is through a tattoo.

Many of these tattoos are permanent, and as a result when people are released from prison they still bear the marks of whatever particular crime they committed.

Independent Journal reported on some of the most common tattoos that originate in prisons.

One tattoo was particularly distinctive: the triple dot. Called “mi vida loca” (“my crazy life” in Spanish), the triple dot tattoo doesn’t represent an allegiance to a particular gang, but it does indicate that the person wearing it lives the “gang lifestyle.”

triple dot

In addition to that, there is also the MS-13 tattoo, which generally spells out “MS-13.” (They’re not particularly creative, apparently.)

MS-13 is one of the most deadly Latin gangs. Known for its excessive use of brutality, MS-13 can be found throughout Central America.


MS-13 has also made inroads into America, funneling tons of drugs and weapons into this country.

The Latin Kings is one of the largest and well-organized Hispanic gangs in America. The Kings were founded in Chicago in the 1940s, but have since spread to all parts of America.

The Latin Kings also have their own distinctive tattoo, the five-point crown:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.26.50 AM

The teardrop tattoo does not signify allegiance to particular gang, but it does indicate that the wearer has committed a violent crime, usually murder, or has spent a significant amount of time in prison.

tear drop

Perhaps the most distinctive of all is the tattoo of the Aryan Brotherhood, which uses the initials “AB,” usually coupled with the ever-popular swastika.


While all of these tattoos symbolize different allegiances, or different crimes, it is generally a good rule of thumb to avoid anyone who has one of these tattoos.

The person displaying it probably isn’t someone you’d want to invite to your garden party.

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Credits: conservativetribune