We’re Sick Of The Media Only Covering Negative Cop Stories. Here’s One About A Hero Cop

There is astounding new footage of a remarkable highway accident in Ohio that occurred on Monday morning. In it, an off duty law enforcement officer puts himself between a flaming fuel tanker and traffic to prevent additional fatalities.

The incident happened about 10:30 am Monday morning on a highway near Dublin Ohio. The off duty officer is being credited with keeping other motorists at a safe distance as he stopped to direct traffic.

Off duty police officer Matthew Bowman, of the Sunbury Police Department in Ohio, is being lauded for his actions on Monday morning that may have saved a number of motorist’s lives.

At approximately 10:30am Monday morning, on a highway overpass near the Ohio town of Dublin, a gasoline tanker rammed into a guardrail and came to rest on its side. It then exploded into flames in dramatic fashion, killing the truck driver.

Motorists were attempting to drive through the overpass, when officer Bowman stopped his vehicle on the side of the highway to direct traffic.

In the video, which Bowman shot himself, you can hear him ordering drivers to back up, setting a safe perimeter around the inferno.

Speaking with the local Fox news affiliate, bowman said “It was pretty intense. It all happened so fast. I saw the tanker explode and it took me a minute to get off the road and out of my truck. The fire spread quickly and I wanted to make sure people stayed back, the further back they were the better. But once I told them I was serious and doing it for their safety, they stopped. I have never seen an explosion like this. I’ve only seen something like it in movies.”

The twenty nine year old officer said that he could feel the heat from the fire inside his truck, before instinct kicked in and he began to direct the traffic.

On Facebook, an Ohio based police support group, “Ohio Going Blue” said Bowman “selflessly put himself between danger and the public” and “likely saved lives” with his actions.

Before becoming a law enforcement officer, Bowman had served for three years as a firefighter. He admitted that the raging catastrophe was something he’d rather not see again.

According to Lieutenant Steve Farmer, spokesperson for the Dublin Police Department, the truck was hauling more than eight thousand gallons of gasoline when it hit the guardrail, flipped and exploded.

The company that owned the vehicle, Lykins Energy Solutions, released a statement, saying:

“On January 23, 2017, one of Lykins Energy Solutions’ tanker trucks driven by Duane Brodman was involved in an accident in Columbus, Ohio, and Mr. Brodman was killed. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and co-worker. Duane Brodman had been a
member of the Lykins team for nearly three years. He was wonderful, dedicated, hard-working and enthusiastic about his job, and a great family man. He worked tirelessly for the company and we are all better people for having Duane in our lives. The Lykins team is a family. Duane was part of our corporate family, and he will be missed. Everyone at Lykins extends our deepest sympathies to Duane’s family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.”

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that all lanes of highway 33 and 270 have reopened except for the northbound off ramp.

Credits: awm

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