Simple Hacks That Will Change The Way You Bake

Sometimes bad things happen to well-intentioned bakers. Maybe you run out of an ingredient; perhaps you’re unsure how to use an implement; or maybe sometimes you don’t have the right equipment because hello, have you seen all the baking stuff there is out there? Here are the baking hacks that people who turn out perfect cakes, pies and slices don’t want you to know…

Making frosting takes time and can be messy. It also requires ingredients. Easier to pop a marshmallow on top of your cupcakes for a sweet and easy frosting alternative.

Occasional bakers may not have a rolling pin, but most of us have one of these.

Cut cheesecake using dental floss. Genius.

Even the most experienced cooks sometimes find themselves with eggshell in the bowl. Easily fixed. Simply wet your finger, hold it close to the egg fragment, and watch it gravitate to your finger.