He Stands Next To This Giant Sculpture. When The Wind Blows – I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Anthony Howe is a Kinetic Sculptor and creates stunning pieces of art unlike any other in the world. They are giant moving sculptures whose head spin in a memorizing rotation that you could never figure out. He sets them out in the wind which is the natural energy source that makes his sculptures glide through the air. There is no specific motion in which the sculptures move, and the longer your stop and stare the more they will keep you intrigued wondering how they move like they do.

Spinning, rotating, flying – nothing can quite grasp the idea of what they are or what they do because they are truly indescribable. Anthony himself shares, “I don’t really want them to be like anything. I want them to be like nothing else you’ve seen before.” He resides in Washington where all of his work is designed and created with his own two hands.

When his finished work is out in the wind, they don’t just capture your attention, but emotions as well. They have the power to provoke deep thoughts, and trigger curiosity in all their shapes and sizes.

Credits: Faithtap