Steve knows something’s off when man wins 20k on show, breaks down discovering the truth

Family Feud brings in contestants with all types of backgrounds and personal struggles. With the game’s grand prize being $20,000, it makes sense that someone desperate for money would apply to be on the show!

But one contestant wanted to win the grand prize for a reason most of us couldn’t even fathom….

The man went through several rounds of Family Feud, and he and his family ended up winning the $20,000! As soon as they were announced as the winners, the man dropped to his knees and cried. The show’s host, Steve Harvey, didn’t understand such a dramatic reaction! That is, until he approached the sobbing man after taping wrapped up.

He opened up to Steve and informed him that he suffered from a terminal illness. With his diagnosis, no insurance plan would take him, and he was going to use the winnings to help his family cope with the mounting medical bills after his death. Moved to tears himself, Steve opted to do something to help the man and his family! See what Steve did in the touching video below.

Credits: YouTubeFaithtap