The Strange Reason Baby Powder Works In The Garden, And 10 More Amazing Uses

Moms everywhere use baby powder to keep their little ones’ bums from getting diaper rash. Sometimes adults may even use this sweet smelling powder to keep their own skin from chafing. But, did you know that there are some pretty awesome ways to use baby powder in and around your home?

Since baby powder is so inexpensive to purchase, there’s no reason not to stock up. The travel-sized containers are pretty handy to keep in your car or purse, too. Keep reading to find out about a few different ways you can use baby powder right now.

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Remove Grease Stains With Ease

Grease stains are hard to get rid of. No matter how many times you run the clothes through the wash, sometimes it just won’t budge. In fact, a run through hot water in the washing machine might bake that stain in for good! Before you toss it into the wash, use baby powder to soak up the grease. Keep rubbing the powder into the stain until all the grease has been absorbed. Then you can launder it as usual.

Quiet Squeaky Floorboards

Squeaky floorboards¬†can ruin any stealth attempt at raiding the cookie jar in the middle of the night. It can also be pretty annoying to hear it squeak during the daytime, too. There’s a simple solution, though! Just sprinkle some baby powder between the floorboards to silence the noise for good.

Cooler Sheets

Hot summer nights can ruin a good night’s sleep. To offset the cost of running the air conditioner at full blast, try sprinkling baby powder on your sheets before you get ready for bed. It will help keep you cool, and freshen up the sheets at the same time.

Soothing Aftershave

Legs and underarms can sometimes get red and itchy after they come into contact with a razor blade. Thankfully, baby powder works wonders when it comes to quelling razor burn and soothing sensitive skin.

Get Thicker Eyelashes

There seems to be a new mascara on the market every single week. They all aim to do one or two things – they’ll either lengthen or add volume. There’s no end in sight to the number of mascaras that promise to thicken your lashes, but you can do the same thing with your favorite mascara formula. Lightly dust your lashes with powder, and then apply your mascara on top of it.

Untangle Necklace Knots

Necklace chains can knot pretty easily, but they’re so hard to untangle! However, sprinkling baby powder on one helps make it much easier to straighten out.

Remove Sand After A Day At The Beach

Anytime you go to the beach, you can expect to come home with sand in all the wrong places. After your fun in the sun is over, sprinkle baby powder all over yourself and anyone else who has come in contact with the grit. It will make brushing off the wet sand pretty easy, and then you won’t end up with a mess in your car or at home.

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Get Rid Of Pesky Ants

Pretty much no one likes ants. That’s why insecticides¬†are such a big business! But of course the downside to all those chemicals is that it can ruin the soil, or worse, you could accidentally inhale the toxic fumes. Don’t fret though, baby powder is a much safer way to repel ants. For some reason that only ants know, they don’t like baby powder. So feel free to sprinkle it all over the place – around your doors, windows, and in your garden.

Protect Your Precious Flower Bulbs

New flower bulbs need babying just like newborn babies do! Before you plant them in the ground, give them a baby powder bath! Put about five or six bulbs into a Ziploc bag with about 3 tablespoons of baby powder. Give a couple of shakes to coat the root of the bulb. Once it’s in the ground, the powder will protect the bulb roots from rotting. It’ll also deter rodents that love to snack on brand new flower bulbs.

Use Inside Rubber Gloves

If you use rubber gloves to clean the dishes or other cleaning tasks around the house, then you may already be familiar with the tug and pull routine. Those things can sometimes be hard to get on and off! But if you sprinkle the inside of the gloves with baby powder, it’ll make the task a lot easier to accomplish.

Loosen Up Playing Cards

Playing cards are only fun to play with if they don’t stick together. Place a deck of cards inside a plastic Ziploc bag with some baby powder, and give it a few shakes. Take the cards out and dust them off. Now it’ll be much easier to shuffle!


This is great to know! I didn’t know there were that many practical ways to use baby powder! Which ones are your favorites?

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