Taco Shop Owner Gives Out Warm Coats For Homeless This Winter

Everyone loves tacos. What’s not to love? Cheese, lettuce, beef, and lots of sour cream and salsa. But what’s better than tacos? Being warm and cozy AND enjoying a taco. The owner of a taco shop believes this too is the best combo so he’s encouraging his employees to give back this winter season and give out compassion, not just tacos.

Emilia Flores is the owner of The Taco Stop in Dallas.

While they’re known for their delicious tacos, they’re also known for their compassion.

Last winter Emilia started offering coats to the homeless outside her shop.

She had seen similar gestures around town and wanted her shop to help out too.

People have been donating coats they no longer need or wear so that the less fortunate have something warm to wrap themselves up in.

Thomas, a retired Marine is one of many who has donated. He dropped off a trench coat and topcoat.

“I can just see somebody walking around in that,” he said.

Not too long after the donation, a construction worker picked up the coat Thomas had left.

“This is a way of people not being embarrassed about asking,” said Flores. “They just come and pick what they need and leave.”

Give back whatever you can this season because you never know who may need it!

Credits: Diply, WFAA8

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