Their Son Was Basically Lifeless…That Is, Until They Brought In This Special Creature

At the age of 6, Caleb Howard was in a head-on car horrific collision that left him with multiple broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. His parents were terrified at the outcome and weren’t sure he’d live much longer, especially given is extremely slow if not barely noticeable progress. Things looked bleak.

It was at this time, that they headed the advice for a dog named Colonel to become Caleb’s therapy animal. In the video below,  it shows Caleb and Colonel’s heart-warming journey to recovery together.  When modern medicine failed, Colonel was able to make hugely noticeable difference in Caleb’s recovery!   Caleb finally seemed aware of his surroundings, and his family regained their hope in his ability to recover. Watch how he regained control of his hands and mobility by spending time with this awesome dog, Colonel. This teaches us that dogs truly do have the power to heal!

Watch Caleb’s incredible story below.

Credits: YouTube / ita4me | Viralnova | Nymeta

After a month of intense therapy and with the help of Colonel, Caleb had become much more aware and alert, and his motor skills were vastly improved. He’s also grateful for Colonel’s companionship. “I guess he likes me a lot!” he says with a smile.

Caleb still has a way to go, but his father says that animal therapy continues to be an amazing form of healing for people, especially children.