They Hide A Camera In This Elderly Woman’s Home. What It Records Is Heartbreaking.

People just don’t realize this could be them some day. So sad. It is one of my biggest fears (man was that hard to “type” out loud).

This is a reminder for anyone who knows someone like this lady.

This is Mary Tony.  You’ve probably never met or seen her before, but you probably know of someone like her whether it be a relative or family friend.


A film crew known as Voyager went to visit Tony in her apartment in Pennsylvania in a bid to record the life of a 98-year old senior citizen. With the cameras rolling, Tony talks about life living on her own and what it can be like without the care and interaction with family.

I don’t mind. What am I going to do? Where could I go? I am by myself,” Tony responds when the crew asks if she likes her living situation. 

Tony tells us, “I get junk mail, I strip it. And after I strip it I cut it up small, put it in a bag, and put it for garbage.” She then laughs before saying, “I have to do something, otherwise I’d go nuts.” 

This story is a serious reminder of how much it means to someone to simply pay them one simple visit once in a while. It can literally brighten their day.

When the film crew invited others from the senior-citizen centre to her house she said,

 I love you all for coming,” [..] “It’s made my day, and I’ll never forget it.

Credits: Auntyacid

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