This Bike Was Sprayed With Special Paint. But Once The Sun Goes Down, It Transforms Into THIS

We need this in wet whether to paint lane lines . It would really help drivers to remain in own lane. I myself have thought their has to be something, that can help drivers in the wet, but not smart enough to come up with this paint. Brilliant. Anything that can save lives, man I am for it .

Lets get back to the spray and this bike.

Riding a bicycle in certain cities can be a little tricky, there’s always risk of accidents. It’s easy for a driver to be unable to notice a bicycle when the weather conditions are not the best or when it’s too dark outside. Many bicycle safety measures have been implemented by several cities that definitely help, but sometimes they’re not respected. In the following clip, Volvo demonstrates their new invention, LifePaint. This groundbreaking can of paint was created to reduce the risk of accidents for cyclists and pedestrians. Watch what happens when cyclist spray their clothes and bicycles with this peculiar paint.

Credits: Volvo LifePaint | Damn.

This is serious stuff and a life saver….We all should do this all over the world! This would help drivers to see and make the bike riders very visible.