For Those Tight On Space, Flat-Back Christmas Trees Could Be Your Answer

When my grandmother puts up her Christmas tree, it’s a two-week event. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but it sure feels like a two-week event. First off, her tree is massive, and secondly she likes to go through and make sure that every branch is in the exact right spot. My grandmother always says that branch placement is the key to a gorgeous looking tree – and she’s right, you know. If your branches aren’t fluffed out to their full potential it can leave your tree looking a little sparse. I like to help my grandmother decorate her tree, but it is a lot of work. For my tree at home, I was thinking that this year I would try something a little simpler.Have you heard about the latest Christmas tree craze?

Let me introduce you to the half tree.

This tree is perfect for those people that are short on space…

Or people like me, who just don’t care to decorate the back of the tree. 

Looks good to me!

They look great up against a wall.

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Who says that your tree has to be traditional… wait till you see this next one!

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