Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake ‘Memory Bears’

Hang onto those precious memories forever.

This has to be the best thing to do with a onesie once your baby has outgrown it. Artists and crafty moms are turning those old baby clothes into teddy bears and parents are loving them! These so-called “memory bears” are keepsakes that can be cherished by parents and kids for years to come. There are other animals you can try, too!

Check out some of these examples from Etsy where artists turn those tiny outfits into precious, creative bears that your kids can cuddle with. This bear by ImaginationAcresLLC is covered with bunnies. We love how the artist even preserved those adorable bunny feet!

teddy bear 1

This handmade bear by CrazyLeggies is made from a cupcake-themed onesie! So adorable.

teddy bear 2
Crazy Leggies

How about this bear, covered with turtles. The blue ribbon is a perfect touch! Wait, is every onesie required to have an animal print?

teddy bear 3
ImaginationAcresLLC / Etsy

Remember we said you can morph baby clothes into other animals as well? Check out this stuffed elephant made from a single sailing-themed onesie. You would never know!

elephant teddy bear story 2
Nestling Kids / Etsy

Typically, you are responsible for sending the garment you want the designer to use. But, you don’t necessarily have to pay someone else to make you a memory bear.

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