Turn Your Dog Ultra Scary In Seconds With This Special Scary Muzzle!

If you need to have your dog muzzled while walking, why not do so in ultra terrifying style?

There is now a new muzzle design which allows you to do just that. A company from Russia called Zveryatum has come out with the most ridiculously terrifying dog muzzle ever. And one can be yours for only around $30!

But seriously, if you have people constantly trying to pet your dog when he or she is muzzled up, it does get annoying and can be dangerous. Why do they think the dog needs a muzzle in the first place! This can be the ultimate deterrent. It will also deter other dogs from coming up to your dog as well!


Also, if you like taking your dog out for Halloween, this would be a great costume choice. Imagine dressing up as Freddy Krueger or Jason with your muzzled up dog of terror at your side!


Credits: Damn

Totally terrifying, right?