Watch The 2nd Guy In The First 15 Seconds. Now Don’t Be Anything Like Him.

If you’ve ever talked to someone with a disability, you’ve probably noticed that they’re people and not just their disabilities. For some reason, this is a concept many people still struggle with, which then leads to lots of awkward situations. This handy PSA features tips and reminders from people with disabilities that’s informative, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Now, I know you’re trying your best. But sometimes mistakes happen and things can get weird. But that’s the beauty of this video! It’s all about learning from our mistakes so we can do a better job at talking to and respecting each other, and ya can’t argue with that! If you’ve ever tried to make things less awkward and ended up making it worse, here’s some other things you should know that’ll keep you from being rude in the future.

No one wants to be this guy.

Here’s some advice for you:

Don’t assume romance is off the table.

Always remember to talk to the person and not the disability. Like the video says, “Just treat us the way you would want to be treated, and we’ll all be OK.” If you agree, give this video a share and continue to spread the learnings!

Credits: Upworthy