WATCH: Cannabinoids from Pot Attacking Cancer Cells Looks Like a Game of Pac Man

In 2015 the National Cancer Institute (NCI) confirmed that tests on mice and rats prove that cannabis kills cancer cells. But many have already known this for years.

In the very informative and entertaining documentary, The Culture High, Dr. William Courtney explains that humans have a natural endocannabinoid system within our body, and that THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets people high, can “interface on a molecular level with cells.” The far-reaching benefits for medical science are monumental, he says.

Most of us now think of CBD in cannabis as the healing chemical in pot, but according to some studies, THC fights cancer.

The clip below claims to display what happens to cancer cells under the microscope if they are intercepted by THC injected into the bloodstream. As you can see, the healthy cells begin to destroy the odd-shaped cancer cells.

Credits: Firsttoknow

The science behind the function of endocannabinoids is that they create a healthy environment, playing a role in  generating and regenerating the immune system so it can fight disease. Apparently, the body regenerates best when it’s saturated with Phyto-Cannabinoids.

Countless medical journals have published on the benefits of THC in the treatment tumor cellsneurodegenerative diseases, brain tumors, molecular cancer therapeutics in poor prognosis patients,breast cancer, prostate cancer, and blood cancer. A larger list can be found below.


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