WATCH: Here Is The Real Reason There Are Folds On A Baby’s Onesie. You’ll Be Surprised

It’s surprising, but most parents go through the infant phase without knowing about those little folds. Now that you know, the next step is getting rid of those unfortunate stains.

Immediately after the incident, run the outfit under cold water. This will help remove some of the stain before it has time to dry and become hard to remove. If you can’t throw it in the wash right away, leave it soaking in cold water as long as you can. When washing, use a stain removing product, warm water and set the cycle to normal. Hang it to dry afterwards.

If the stain is still there, try setting the item out in the sun. Sometimes a stain will still persist. In that case, try soaking in hot or warm water mixed with stain remover, then wash and dry again.

Credits: Tiaras & Prozac | Wimp