Watch: Men Experience The PAIN Of Childbirth!

What’s the one kind of pain that men will never be able to relate to? The pain of childbirth. It is considered by women as the worst pain possible. As men we are always being told by our mothers how painful it was to give birth to us. Our wives will tell us the agony they went through delivering our children. Yet, no matter how they try to describe this agonizing experience, we just cannot fully relate.

Well, a couple of guys decided to once and for all get as close as possible to experiencing the pain of childbirth. They enlisted a midwife and a physiotherapist who hooked them up to an electro-stimulation device for two hours. This would create muscle contractions, which in turn would cause immense pain to the stomach. A pain very similar to what women go through in labor.

“So briefly said, you are electrocuting us for two hours,” remarks one of the lads. On top of the muscle contraction pain, they would also receive contraction shocks at various intervals to also mimic what happens during labor.

“Do you think we are going to scream in pain,” asks one of the men, almost in jest. Yet the response the man received was far from laughable. “Yes you will definitely scream in pain,” replied one of the women. As the men went through the procedure, they described it as barbed wire being pushed into their stomach. After an hour of tossing, turning and trying various breathing techniques, one of the men stated he simply felt like crying. The second hour you just have to see to believe. One guy needs laughing gas to deal with the immense pain, while the other guy completely loses it. In the end, they have second thoughts about having children as they realize they would never want their wives to go through the pain they experienced!

Credits: NyMeta