WATCH: She Cuts Her Plain White Sock In Half And Creates The Most Adorable Thing I’ve Seen

When we think about a snowman, most of us have “Frosty the Snowman” in our head. It’s a Christmas song that was written by Jack Collins and Steve Nelson.

Like in “Frosty The Snowman”, many kids want to bring their snowman to life. You envision them dressed up with snow suits carrying all the necessary equipment that make a snowman. Some use carrots for a nose and pebbles for the eyes.

The snowman is not complete until he gets styled. Here, the snowman can be clothed and given a personality, and he can be scary or friendly. Sometimes it’s just too cold to go outside and make a snowman. That’s why you’ll be amazed at what this woman does to make her own snowman from the warmth of her home.

Credits: Handimania on YouTube and Wimp