During His Weather Report, The Map Gets Completely Messed Up. How The Weatherman Reacts? Hilarious!

The ability to improvise if you’re on live TV, is a really remarkable skill, as you will see in the video you are about to watch below. A local weatherman is in the middle of reporting the weather, when he looks at the green screen and is facing an really incredible computer glitch.

He could have been “like a deer in headlights”, but this pro has that uncanny ability of any good performer. Not skipping a beat, he keeps his broadcast of the weather going.

What he does with this outrageous error, is turn it into a truly hilarious moment, that gets funnier and funnier as he builds on the joke. Honestly, he should win an award for turning a ridiculous mistake into a moment worthy of comedic stand-up. Enjoy the fun!

Credits: FOX 10 | Sun-gazing

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