When She Said She Lived Inside This Building, I Said “No Way!” Then She Sent Me THESE 7 Photos. WOW

Everybody has heard the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” at least a few times over their lifetimes, but few have made it into as much of a lifestyle as the owners of Morton Buildings. These plain, unassuming-looking buildings can be transformed into luxurious mansions, weekend getaways, or even a barnyard sanctuary.

All the while, these buildings look simple, even plain from the outside – but they are proving popular with people who care more about function rather than form. Could these boring on the outside, incredible on the outside houses start to take over the market? You’ll have to see for yourself!


From the exterior, this Morton original is nothing to call home about. It looks more like a warehouse than an actual home, but the inside is the exact opposite. It is more warm and inviting than you would ever have thought.

morton2 morton3

Instead of wasting their money on exterior beauty, all of these homes feature the latest in comfort and technology inside the home. They all contain plenty of space for a series of recliners and a huge television, or even a projection screen if you really want to entertain well.

morton4 morton5

These spaces are huge, some reaching over 110 feet long. All of them are custom-built for the homeowners needs so if you don’t need all that space, Morton has you covered with something just right.

morton6 morton7

The company was built on the idea that they will provide you with the perfect foundation for your home, but leave all the customization and interior design up to you. It’s proving to be a popular method so far, but would you want to live in a plain-looking house like this? Sound off in the comments!

Credits: Morton Homes  | Americanoverlook