Woman With Down Syndrome Opens Bakery After Being Turned Down By Jobs

Have you ever been turned down by a job you really wanted? Despite your best efforts and even if the interviewer tells you you’re nice, you just don’t fit with the company. It’s a huge bummer. You probably spend the next little while trying to figure out what went wrong. Maybe it was your hair or shirt, or your handshake…

For a person with a visible disability, unfortunately this may be a reason they ponder as to why they didn’t get their dream job. For one woman she wondered more than once if the reason she wasn’t getting a job was because she has Down syndrome – so after having enough, she decided to create a job for herself.

Collette Divitto has loved baking since she was 15 years old.

She spent her evenings and weekends baking at home.

viaFacebook / Collettey’s Cookies

When she turned 22, she started applying for baking jobs in Boston.

She’d bring samples of her baking to the interviews but she found herself being turned away.

viaFacebook / Collettey’s Cookies

She felt defeated by the rejection and wondered if part of it was to do with the fact she has Down syndrome.

But she wasn’t about to let her dreams be stopped short.

viaFacebook / Collettey’s Cookies

Instead, she started her own company called Collettey’s.

With the help of her mom and sister they got their first order of cookies from a grocery store in Boston called Golden Goose Market.

viaFacebook / Collettey’s Cookies

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