The young biker can hardly believe what she sees while she films it with her helmet camera. But what she does then, is fantastic.

A kind soul on the face of this earth is a rare find…and this girl…she have what it takes. A simple act of kindness goes a very long way.

Below is a video of  the lady motorbiker who stopped traffic just to help the stray cat out of harms way.

It was incredible it was not run over by the onrushing vehicles.

It hurts me so bad that no one else would stop to help. It really is a terrible and heartless world we live in.

Now the cat found a home and a proud owner. Still so many nice humans caring for animals welfare. Thank God!

What a sensational yet simple thing to do. That’s humanity at its best, I only wish more people had care and sympathy for animals like that, the world would be a better place.