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Team Building Ideas That Don’t Suck

A team that works together is destined for success and productivity! It’s no wonder why business organizations invest a lot of money on team building activities for their employees. It boosts productivity and promotes wellness and a sense of team within your organization. However, it can be tricky to establish those bonds when you get the usual eye roll as soon as the idea of a team building comes up. It is important to think of fun team building activities that will get your employees excited! To make it easier for you to plan your next team building exercise, here is a list of creative and fun team building activities: 1. You can divide your team into groups of at least three. Their goal is to design a package that will cushion the fall of an egg and make sure that it does not break when it is dropped. You can also ask the team to create their own jingle for additional merriment. 2. This is a classic team building idea but one that is always a hit! You will provide a platform with which teams should occupy at one time. It will require their creative thinking to be able to physically support each other enough to be accommodated into that space. 3. You can also mimic the idea of being in a survival scene wherein your team is stranded in a deserted island. The next challenge for them is to locate a specific number of useful items that they need for survival. For this challenge, you might need a huge open space for the participants to work with. 4. If you like to unleash the playful nature of your employees and make the activity fun and light-hearted, try any activity that use balloons. You can either have the participants make or blow up balloons. It is guaranteed to be a lot of fun! 5. Tug of war is one of the most symbolic games to represent strength in unity. But to take this challenge one step further, you can opt for a multi-way tug of war. Hence, more than two teams are competing at a time, which makes it more competitive and doubly fun! 6. Another fun activity to try is a treasure hunting activity. But instead of looking around a specific space, one person will be blindfolded while another is giving verbal commands. The former should locate an object using only the commands given by his or her teammate. This is a great way to practice communication involving verbal language and listening. 7. Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles? You can also try that one for your next team building activity! It is fun, lighthearted and a great way to get entertainment for free! To take it up a notch, those who are participating should be asked to dress the part and bring props with them, if necessary. If you need help organizing fun team building activities for your employees, visit They have a wide range of creative and innovative ideas to play with and use for your next activity.