The Most Common Hand Injuries You Should Watch Out

Most of us have already experienced being injured, even if just once or twice; yes, it’s a very unfortunate event to think about. Even if it’s just a sprain, dislocation or even a fracture, it’s still a serious case. Needless to say, it calls for the aid of an accident injury doctor.
accident injury doctor
Now, if you’re an athlete, you know that your bones and muscles are prone to tears, dislocations, and fractures. However, other unforseen incidents such as work-related accidents or falls can also frequently cause those conditions. That is why you should read this guide so you’ll gain better knowledge of the most common hand injuries and how to treat them.
1. Sprain
Hand sprains are probably the mildest injury considering the degree of pain and the recovery time, which actually depends on the grade of the sprain. Moreover, it is actually a damaged ligament, usually due to pressure or force.
There are two common hand sprains: thumb and wrist sprain. In general, sprains are usually treated with the acronym RICE, which means rest, ice, compression, elevation.
This first aid treatment seems to work wonders for most people, but if you see no improvement within a couple of days, consult an orthopedic hand specialist near you.
2. Dislocation
A dislocation is a graver case than a sprain since this already involves a bone moving out of place within a joint. It usually happens with your fingers and is characterized by bruising, pain and swelling. You can even tell just by looking at it since you can actually see your finger pointing in a slightly different direction. Click here AICA Orthorpedics
If you think you suffer from a dislocation, seek immediate help from an accident injury doctor. While you may think that this can be treated by resting and taking a couple of painkillers, you are clearly underestimating your injury. Dislocations, if not treated properly, can lead to serious bone and nerve damages.
3. Fractures
A fracture is literally a broken bone, either due to a strong applied force or an accidental fall. This may be the most serious hand injury that needs immediate aid from a hand surgeon. To further give you an idea, these are different types of bone breaks:
  • A stable fracture means the bone is broken but the pieces are still aligned
  • An open, compound fracture may pierce the skin but the bone may or may not be seen in the wound
  • An oblique fracture is a break with an angled or diagonal pattern
  • A transverse fracture causes a horizontal break line in the bone
Whatever kind of fracture you have, the first thing to do is to see an accident injury doctor. Treatments vary, depending on the severity of your case. They might advise you to wear a cast or undergo surgery if needed.
If you ever find yourself in such a situation, do not try to fix it by pulling your fingers or moving your wrist in a circular motion. Don’t try to move your hand and if possible, let your hand rest onto something to provide additional support until you see your orthopedic doctor.
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